Ways to Find New Clients That Aren’t Assembled By Google

Ways to Find New Clients That Aren’t Assembled By Google

Do you ever wonder why some websites seem to get traffic from Google organic search, while others don’t? And if they do receive traffic from Google, how well does it convert? You may have heard claims that SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t working anymore, or that SEO has lost its value. Those things aren’t true. In fact, digital marketing agencies around the world continue to rely on SEO because it generates quality leads and sales for their clients. SEO continues to be effective in generating leads and increasing conversions. If you’re looking to generate new leads, it’s important to understand how SEO works. Learn four ways to find new customers that are not assembled by Google.


Ways to Find New Clients That Aren’t Assembled By Google

What does Assembled By Google mean?

This happens when a website gets optimization for Google’s algorithms. This means that the way your site is coded will make people more likely to click through Google organically.

If there is no code on your website, it won’t show up in Google’s results. You can see an example below:

– Google Organic Search Results

The first two listings are part of the same group on page one. They appear at the top of the organic listing as the result of organic keyword research.

– The third listing appears under them because they were assembled by Google.

This shows you that even though these pages weren’t built naturally, they still appeared at the top. Because they were built with best practices in mind, Google was able to rank them high enough to appear above other sites without having been built naturally.


Finding Clients That Aren’t Assembled By Google

There are many companies out there looking to hire talented teams and businesses that want to grow their business. Some of those companies just happen to work in the industry you offer and know all about your products and services. Others just happen to be searching online for jobs.


Useful Tips and Tricks


Use Social Media

Social media is where most consumers and businesses start. The key to success here is simply finding influencers and content creators who share what you sell. Take advantage of this channel for discovering new prospects and ideas. Many industries have thrived off of this, the likes of online casino operators, game developers and content creators.

Look For Similar Businesses

The easiest way to find potential clients is to look for similar businesses. You can use marketplaces like HubSpot to help you identify companies that have similar goals, revenue levels, industries, etc. This is especially helpful when you’re trying to figure out how much demand there is for your product or service.

Join Industry Groups

Most large company groups have events every once in awhile. These could include conferences, workshops, webinars, etc. Joining those types of events and actively participating in the discussion is another great way to learn about prospective new clients.

Reach Out To Prospective Customers

This should go without saying, but if you build something awesome, then reach out to the right people! Start conversations and ask for advice from different people within the community. This helps you get your foot in the door and establish yourself before someone else comes along with a better idea for your target audience.


In order to get the clients that aren’t assembled by Google, you need to do some homework and make sure you speak to the right people. If you don’t talk to the right people you won’t get the clients you want. With that being said, let’s take a deeper dive into what you need to know about prospecting.



Hopefully, this article has helped provide useful information related to prospecting. When it comes to hiring freelancers, we’ve learned quite a bit over our years of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization. However, we agree with the statement “the more you study, the greater chance you will be successful.”



What Is Prospecting?

Prospecting is the process of identifying potential customers through various means. In search marketing, we refer to it as cold calling or cold emailing. Most SEOs will tell you that the ideal candidate for an interview is someone that does not perform well in an interview. Unfortunately, that isn’t realistic in most cases.

What are Cold Calls?

Cold calls are any type of contact made with a person outside of your network. Usually, they happen organically. So, you may be sending emails and connecting with connections on social networks. But the concept remains the same: you connect with individuals who do not typically come across your website.

Why Do I Need To Make Cold Calls?

In order to succeed with coldcalling you need to have relationships with decision makers. Decision makers are typically salespeople, buyers, HR managers, etc. They generally don’t respond well to spammy pitches. It’s important to remember the 80-20 rule. 80% of your time needs to be for talking to decision makers while only 20% is  for reaching out to strangers.